Hotel Intercon: Where Old Meets New -

There are plenty of people who stay in hotels for purposes of leisure or business. There are people who travel alone and those who travel with family, friends, or colleagues. When it comes to this sort of thing, it is always better if a hotel has everything that the travelers need from amenities to facilities. When it comes to hotels, aside from comfortable rooms, it is also important for the hotel to have in-house conference areas for business meetings and grand celebrations. In addition, dini

Greenhills and the Elan Suites -

In the metro, when it comes to shopping, one of the places that come to mind is Greenhills. If you are looking for cheap bargains or imitation apparel, this is the place to go. These days, aside from being one of the most visited shopping areas in Manila, Greenhills is also known as one of the best places to grab a bite in. Different kinds of people visit Greenhills on a regular basis. Apart from the locals, foreigners love frequenting this compound for the bargains that they can take advantage

Relieving Stress at Stronghand Shooting Range -

Because of the events that are taking place in the world these days, shooting guns have received such a bad rapport. Guns are seen as violent weapons that are used for nothing but evil. This is not entirely the case and there are plenty of people who will disagree with the statement that has previously been made. Yes, there are guns that people use to harm others but not everyone who carries a gun is a terrorist. There are people who are into guns for the sport aspect of the object. There are p

Muay Thai Training at Elorde Boxing Gym -

These days, there are plenty of people who are into the mixed martial arts scene. Shows like Strikeforce and the UFC have increased people’s interest in all kinds of martial arts from Jiu Jitsu to Muay Thai. In the metro, the MMA scene is growing pretty fast and one of the most popular disciplines that plenty of folks engage in is Muay Thai. Muay Thai hails from Thailand and is a form of combative martial arts. Aside from stand up striking, this particular discipline is also centered on a varia

Elorde Boxing Gym: A Good Day to Fight -

A young man by the name of Gabriel Elorde started engaging in the sport of boxing in his hometown of Bogo in Cebu City. Coming from a poor family, Gabriel thought that a career in boxing will help him achieve the goal of one day supporting his family. He trained as much as he can and began joining the local boxing circuit as an amateur fighter. Gabriel Elorde was only able to finish the third grade level of his elementary schooling. Aside from boxing, he also earned a small income by working in

Prince Albert Prime Rib -

Nothing beats fall off the bone melt in your mouth cuts of beef. Beef, can be a pretty tough meat but when prepared and cooked in the proper way, can be transformed into a succulent piece of protein. There are only a few places in the city that know how to prepare beef well and one of them is Prince Albert’s Rotisserie conveniently located at the Intercontinental Manila Hotel. For a fancy night out, dinner reservations at Prince Albert is something worth considering. Not only do the interiors p

Dim Sum Dining at Causeway Restaurant -

Just like the British, there is much significance that is played on afternoon tea by the Chinese. It is actually customary for the Chinese to have tea either during brunch or mid-day. During tea time, not only do the Chinese engage in social exchanges but they also enjoy small bites of dim sum with their hot pots of tea. The dim sum culture is quite popular amongst Chinese locals and given the influences that they have brought to the Philippines, the dim sum culture is something that people in

Singing Your Heart Out at Good Times KTV -

KTV or Karaoke as it is widely known around the world is basically singing songs to the tune and lyrics played and posted on a TV screen. All you have to do is follow the words as they are lit. After the end of every song, scores are handed out based on how well you sang the song. The KTV experience is normally paired with food and drinks. People converse and enjoy good food while others sing various melodies. In some places, people sing on live stages but in some areas, a group of people can h

Nights Out at San Miguel by the Bay -

There are plenty of amazing places to visit around the metro. Tons of foodie joints are available for those who want to sample a variety of cuisines. Malls and parks are available in various locations in the city for those who want to take a stroll. Even if there are a lot of places in the metro that cater to the needs of foodies, shoppers, or park dwellers, the number of people that visit such places make it tougher and tougher to enjoy because of the crowding that occurs. Also, pollution in t

Chez Karine and the Metro Macarons -

Filipinos have a soft spot for sweets. Most of the people in this country live with a sweet tooth. May it be anything from local rice cakes to imported desserts, there is always a Filipino foodie that has a fondness for anything delectable. Because of the fondness of the locals for desserts, international brands have started entering the Philippine food market. Aside from international dessert franchises, internationally inspired sweets and desserts have also become available. One such confecti

Caffe Puccini: An Experience of Old Italy -

Italian food does not normally come cheap. This is because of the good quality of ingredients that such a cuisine demands. There are a lot of places in the metro that claim to provide authentic Italian fare but once you take a look at their prices, you will see just how false their claims are, and once you sample their menu items, this is when you will surely realize the mistake that you have just made. Italian meals can set you back around three to five hundred pesos per person on occasion. Th

The Fray Live in Manila -

Fresh out of Denver, Colorado, friends Joe King and Isaac Slade formed the American piano rock band called The Fray. The band was formed in 2002 but it was only during 2005 when their debut album was launched. The debit album was entitled How To Save A Life and it immediately reached double platinum status. The first single from this debut album called Over My Head instantly became a top ten hit in the United States. It was their second single though that brought them worldwide fame and this is

The Arena at MOA -

One of the most famous places in Manila today is the SM Mall of Asia Complex in Pasay City. The Mall of Asia Arena or MOA Arena is an indoor complex within the Pasay compound. Opened in June 16 2012, the area has a full seating capacity of 20000, 16000 of which are available when sporting events are held in the location. Compared to other complexes, a great feature is the retractable seats ensuring ultimate comfort when you watch your favorite concerts or sports events. Also, parking will not b

Sonja’s Cupcakes: Delight in Every Bite -

You see them everywhere. From birthdays to weddings to other special occasions, cupcakes are always part of the event. Maybe it is because they add another element of charm to any party or maybe because they are the “IN” thing as of the moment. Cupcake mania has spread across the globe and it arrived in Asia a couple of years ago. In the Philippines, there are plenty of cupcake selling establishments that have opened their doors on account of this. One such establishment is Sonja’s Cupcakes loc

Wilson Phillips Live in Manila -

Sisters Carnie Wilson and Wendy Wilson together with childhood friend Chynna Phillips compose the famous all-girl trio Wilson Phillips. Debuting during the 1990s, Wilson Phillips has created a name for itself thanks to millions in sales on their self-titled debut album plus 3 Billboard Top 100 hits. It was also during this year that the band received the award as the best-selling female group. It was their single entitled Hold On that garnered them the Billboard Music Award for Hot 100 Single o

Eye Love Eyecrafts Magnolia -

These days, finding the right eyewear can be a challenge since there are plenty of options to choose from. Available in different colors and sizes, it can take you hours to find the perfect pair and this is not good at all. At Eyecrafts, not only can you find excellent products but the staff can help you out by making the right recommendations on which types of eyewear suit you the best. As we grow older, so does our eyes and even if there are a limited number of people that maintain their 20/2

Up with High Society at the Manila Peninsula -

One of the grandest hotels in the metro can be found in the center of the Makati CBD and it goes by the name of the Peninsula Manila. This 5-star hotel can be found on the corner of Ayala and Makati avenues and is within close proximity to a number of major entertainment destinations and office infrastructures. Guests can either walk to the malls, museums, and offices or choose to take a short cab ride. This particular hotel has become a landmark in the city of Makati because of its exteriors.

Modern Living at Dusit Thani Makati -

Although there are plenty of different accommodations in the city, not all of them provide quality services to their guests. This is where Dusit Thani Makati comes in. It is known as a high-class business and family hotel that can provide you with the kinds of services that will surely make your stay a pleasurable and productive one indeed. It is situated in the heart of the Makati CBD. Located within the proximity of office buildings and entertainment centers, this hotel makes everything acces

Timeless Manila Hotel -

There is a long history that is attached to the Manila Hotel. It first opened its doors back in 1912 and was only renovated when the seventies came along. Aside from being a site known for a number of historical events, this place also has its fair share of political intrigues. Before the 1900s came about, there was a plan that was commissioned for urban Manila. Beginning with a park at one end, a long boulevard filled with trees will be created spanning a length that has the Manila Bay at its

Luxury Amenities at Makati Shangri-La Hotel -

Unlike other hotels in the metro, guests at the Makati Shangri-La Hotel get to experience the most of what the city has to offer. This is because the hotel is strategically situated in the heart of one of the metro’s best business and entertainment districts which is Makati City. Businesses, shopping centers, food establishments, and the like are only walking distance from Makati Shangri-La. If you want to shop, you will find Greenbelt and other Ayala Malls across the hotel. Also, several museu
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